Choose plastic free baby wipes is the brainchild of one of the Founders, Tom Doyle, an entrepreneur (and father of 6) who views the world as a place where parents are constantly trying to free themselves from unhealthy consumer products, and choose ones with natural and healthy ingredients.

In fact, his first company, Promise Gluten Free, was founded on gluten-free foods.

Having used more than his share of baby wipes, he began to wonder why so many manufacturers use plastic, chemicals, and artificial ingredients in their baby wipe products.

He thought a pure, natural wipe would mean fewer rashes and gentler treatment of sensitive skin. He committed to make it 100% free of plastic, and 100% biodegradable so it breaks down in months, not decades.

Two experienced partners, John Walsh & David Henderson, joined the cause and Choose plastic free baby wipes was born: A baby wipe free of plastic and chemicals, and filled with purified water and natural plant-based fibers.

Choose plastic free baby wipes has grown rapidly into a brand with global reach. Moms around the world, from Dublin to Dubai, want baby wipes that are good for their babies and respectful of our planet.

We are proud to have a growing and fun group of talented people working together to bring our products to more and more parents around the world.


Our wipes are made from cellulose plant fibres as opposed to plastic, they are much softer than many other wipes on the market.  At 18cm X 20cm, our wipes are also up to 33% larger than many other brands which makes cleaning up that little bit easier!

To Save what Matters Most

Did you know that many baby wipes sold today are made from plastic?  Many millions of tons of these plastic wipes find their way into our oceans every year, with devastating effects.