Bump, Sea and Sand

Claire Thompson aka The Newborn Nanny shares some invaluable tips to help pregnant mama’s cope in a hotter climate. 

Water Top Up

Did you know that pregnant women need to drink up to 2 litres of water each day- but in hot weather, you should up the intake to 3 litres. 

If staying in a hotel, opt for the melon option for breakfast and snacks- adding more water to your diet! 

Dehydration in pregnancy is dangerous. Make sure to keep your water bottle beside you on your excursions and topped up! 


Sun Protection

When you are pregnant, your skin becomes more sensitive due to the high levels of hormones, which means you are more likely to burn. Make sure to pack a higher factor then you would normally use- or pregnancy safe SPF over 30 to keep skin protected.

Time to put those feet up

Swollen ankles are a common pregnancy symptom due to extra fluids and growing uterus putting pressure on the body. However, it can get worse in heat. Get comfortable using pillows, and elevate your legs (higher than your heart) when you are resting.

Consult your doctor is swelling gets worse and/or appears in other parts of your body/ or symptoms are happening.

Cool it, girl!

There are a few ways to help reduce body heat and perspiration during pregnancy:

•Keeping out of the peak heat and spending time in the shade. 

•Big hats don’t only make you look fabulous- but also prevent sunstroke. 

•Running cold water over your wrists.

•Keeping your Choose Plastic Free Baby Wipes wipes/flannel in the fridge and use as a cold compress on the back of neck, bump, or feet.

•Having a spritz bottle of water handy.

•Eating cooling foods, such as watermelon and cucumber.

•Taking regular dips in the pool (making sure to top up that sun cream)

•Having regular body showers with tepid water. 

•Soaking feet in a cool foot basin.

Don’t peak!

Avoid the peak of the sun/heat by arranging any exercise, excursion/activity for either first thing in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler. 

Being pregnant is the perfect excuse to have siestas as the temperature rises, giving you that much needed energy for later.