FAQ’s – Bathing Baby

Bathing Baby FAQ

Here are some FAQ’s on bathing babies answered by our baby/parenting expert Claire Thompson aka The Newborn Nanny. We hope these answers give you some guidance and help you on your journey!

  • Do I need to use baby soap/ shampoo and cream lotion after?

No soap/shampoo is needed to bathe a small baby, which can be confusing as there is so many on the market designed for newborn use. Soap can irritate newborn skin and also dry it out. Pure water is perfect. If it gets in baby’s eyes, there is nothing to panic about!

Cream is not necessary, but completely down to the parents decision. It may be needed if baby has a skin condition.

  • How often should baby be bathed?

Bathing doesn’t need to happen daily especially with a small baby that is not on the move/getting dirty from weaning or play. 2 -3 times a week is optimum. 

Even as baby gets older and to establish a bedtime routine, a Top and Tail/ freshen up is fine to do on the non-bath days.

  • Bathing doesn’t last long! Is this normal?

Completely normal for a small baby! Wipe down and out is about right for this age! As baby gets a bit bigger and more alert, they begin to enjoy the process. 

If baby seems calm, take the opportunity to talk/sing to your baby while cleaning them. Allow them time to kick, move hands in the water and enjoy the sensory experience when they are ready.

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